*** Sendero Ammo is not currently loading commercial ammunition as of August 31, 2019. For processing needs or customer support please reach out via e-mail to Info@SenderoAmmo.com ***


Named after the paths cut into the South Texas brush which often provide long shots when hunting, Sendero Ammo was created out of a desire to offer locally manufactured premium rifle ammunition that is among the absolute best in the industry. Pulling from our hunting and competition backgrounds we have perfected our own handloading processes that come from loading techniques used within the highest levels of shooting sports and applied them to a manufacturing process that brings exceptional consistency to shooters who desire the best. While focused on supporting hunting and match ammunition needs for custom bolt action rifles using modern centerfire cartridge designs, Sendero Ammo also supports factory built rifles, unique wildcat cartridges and custom load development that allows for components use unable to be found in standard off-the-shelf offerings.

Our ammunition is truly hand-loaded using the best components available along with single stage presses to allow for consistency that we can duplicate load after load and proudly stand behind every round manufactured. From weight sorted components, match grade primers, meplat pointed bullets, and data recorded single kernel powder charges Sendero Ammo is confident our ammunition will be among the best you ever buy.