Sendero Ammo pulls its name from the hunting paths cut into the South Texas brush country referred to by locals as Senderos. These paths are known for difficult and often distant shots in short time windows where premium equipment and a prepared hunter can make the difference between a successful hunt or giving excuses back at camp.

The business was born out of a home garage offering premium reloading components in 2015 as a means to help fund an ever growing long range shooting hobby. With the opportunity to build something greater, Sendero Ammo secured the needed licensing and moved into full time commercial ammunition manufacturing in the summer of 2016 operating out of a warehouse space in Spring, Texas. Since 2016 we have remained in the same location while working to build a product and company that both our customers and ownership can be proud to be a part of. Since the beginning we have been fortunate to have a consistently growing client list that includes competition shooters, gunsmiths, hunters, game ranch owners and prominent figures within the firearms and hunting community who all appreciate the attention to detail found in their ammunition purchases. We look forward to making more repeat customers every day and want to include you in our mutual growth as shooters and hunters.

We offer premium rifle ammunition that is among the absolute best in the industry. Pulling from our hunting and competition background we have developed our own processes that help our customers achieve repeatable accuracy and muzzle velocity standard deviations often in the low single digits. Our ammunition is truly hand loaded using the best components available for consistency that we can duplicate lot after lot and proudly stand behind every round manufactured. From weight sorted components, match grade primers, meplat pointed bullets, single kernel powder charges and custom load development options, Sendero Ammo is confident our ammunition will be among the best you ever buy. It takes more time to do it our way and to do it better than even the most modern commercial machines, but we feel it is the right way when your shooting matters most.