.223 Remington - 82 LRBT

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New Premium Match .223 Remington ammunition hand-loaded using Lapua match brass, temperature insensitive smokeless powder, Berger 82 LRBT bullets and CCI BR4 primers packaged in a reusable 50-round plastic container. Powder charge weight accurate to a single kernel for exceptional muzzle velocity consistency.

Type: New
Cartridge: .223 Remington
Bullet: Berger LRBT
Bullet Wt: 82 gn
Published BC: .225 G7
Case Brand: Lapua
COAL: 2.477" (Outside of SAAMI spec length)*
Nominal Velocity: 2880 fps**
Suggested Use: Training / Competition
Quantity: 50

* This ammunition is loaded for bolt action precision field rifles with custom length freebore ONLY, not for use in factory .223 Remington chambers or AR platform and gas operated firearms due to a longer cartridge overall length.

** Muzzle velocity is considered to be approximate due to the inherent differences between individual barrels and round counts.

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