.308 Winchester - 175 MatchKing

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New Premium Match .308 Winchester ammunition hand-loaded using Lapua brass, temperature insensitive smokeless powder, Sierra 175gn MatchKing (SMK) bullets and CCI BR2 primers packaged in a reusable 50-round plastic cartridge box. Powder charge weight accurate to a single kernel for exceptional muzzle velocity consistency.

Type: New
Cartridge: .308 Winchester
Bullet: Sierra MatchKing
Bullet Wt: 175 gn
Published BC: .243 G7
Case Brand: Lapua
COAL: 2.800"
Nominal Velocity: 2660 fps*
Suggested Use: Training / Competition
Quantity: 50

* Muzzle velocity is considered to be approximate due to the inherent differences between individual barrels, barrel round counts and chronographs.

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